Egg Roll Wraps

Egg Roll Wraps Recipe

Weekend breakfast courtesy of Gina @eatprayliftheavy! . “During the week, I tend to keep my meals relatively the same because it’s easier to prep. But on the weekends, I like to mix it up a bit! Here’s a weekend brekkie fave as of late.

Egg Roll Wraps 🌯: 20g P / 5g F / 45g C .

Breadmasters ARA-Z Markook Thinnest Flatbread
100g egg whites
1/2 Italian sausage
125g potatoes .

Scramble egg whites with Italian sausage in a pan. Air fry potatoes (380F for ~10-12 mins). When the scramble and potatoes are ready, place on top of the flatbread sheet (all on one side) & roll! Toast the wrap on the pan to seal the opening. When ready, cut down the middle to make into 2 wraps!

Our Markook Flatbread is the thinnest flatbread you’ll find! It tastes delicious and so light; and does not sit heavy like normal bread!

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