About Breadmasters ARA-Z

Breadmasters ARA-Z, founded in April 1994, is a family-run bakery based in Los Angeles, California.

We at Breadmasters believe that you deserve only the best: the unique richness and texture of our flatbread affirms our commitment to making the most delicious and nutritious flatbread you can find anywhere!

Our line of products include LavashSangak and Markook (thinnest) flatbread. We also offer Sangak Crisps, the only available Sangak crisps to order online.

Breadmasters ARA-Z is the number one Sangak maker in the United States. We are also the first company in the United States to provide Sangak at scale with distribution all throughout the country.

Our Markook flatbread is the thinnest flatbread you will find on the market.

All of our bread is freshly baked daily in our facilities in Los Angeles, and available to order online with Priority Shipping Included!

For inspirations and ideas to how to use our flatbread, visit our recipes page.