Breadmasters Lavash Flatbread

ARA-Z Lavash Flatbread

Breadmasters ARA-Z Inc, the premier lavash bread maker in United States. Our lavash flatbread is served all throughout U.S.A and at you favorite restaurants and markets! Such as Trader Joe’s and Spitz.

You can find our Lavash Bread at Armenian, Middle Eastern, and Persian and  markets throughout the country. Such as Barons, Raffis, and Super King among other.

Our Lavash is baked fresh daily in our bakery in Commerce, California and shipped straight to your home!

Our Lavash Flatbread, Lavash Wheat Flatbread, Stone Lavash and Stone Lavash Whole Wheat are now available online exclusively on our website. You can buy the Lavash online directly from our website

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Lavash Flatbread Origin

Lavash is a soft and thin unleavened flatbread. It is made and eaten all over the Caucasus, Western Asia and the areas surrounding the Caspian Sea.

In Armenia, this is the most widespread type of bread. It’s not even hard, but we’d claim that it’s impossible to find an Armenian table without lavash.

During centuries, this bread has not only occupied the highest place in Armenian cuisine, but also acquired the sacramental meaning, symbolizing life and wisdom. There are million ways to describe why Armenians are so obsessed with lavash.

It’s dietary, very easy in usage, can be the best option for any type of roll, has the simplest recipe and above all is yummy.

Unlike most other types of bread, Armenian Lavash does not contain a yeast or traditional bread starter. This makes Lavash healthy and suitable for almost any diet.