Founded in 1994, Breadmasters Ara-Z Inc is a family-run bakery based in Southern California. With the vision of retaining old-world splendor and wholesomeness while implementing new-world techniques, we strive to raise the bar in flatbread crafting, using all-natural ingredients for our Mediterranean recipes to set the standard for quality and taste.


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Where to find sangak

Even before you taste the tangy, leavened Persian flatbread known as sangak or nan-e sangak, there is so much to marvel over. Made of whole wheat flour, it’s sold in sheets so long they could be used as a sesame-seed [...]

What do you eat with a three-foot long Iranian bread?

When a wedding buffet pushes you into this spacey state of existence, making everyone in the buffet line vanish away and leaving one twisted thought lingering in your head…ah, if only I could share that goat head crowned with tempered [...]

History of Sangak; An Iranian Bread

Sangak is a kind of bread baked on heated pebbles in furnace. People of Iran usually eat Sangak with cheese and vegetables. In the past, Sangak was being baked just for the nobles in winters and Ramadan month. History Some [...]

How To Eat Sangak

How to Eat Sangak Eat it however you like! But if you need suggestions, here are a few favorites: Honey & butter (kareh asal): Take equal parts soft butter and honey and mix together, use as a spread. Jam & [...]

Sangak is one of the most prized Iranian breads

The perforated sangak bread at the new Abshar restaurant makes for a perfect accompaniment to plates of mezze. Jammed between two restaurants on a backstreet of Abu Hail is an Iranian bakery which performs a curious form of hot stone [...]

Sangak: Long, Iranian Flatbread

Sangak looks more like a table runner than a piece of bread. The sheet of flatbread was longer before we nibbled away about six inches. Good stuff! Recently I came upon an Iranian bread at Jay’s International Market. The sheets [...]

CNN Travel – Sangak, 50 of the World’s Best Breads

(CNN) — What is bread? You likely don't have to think for long, and whether you're hungry for a slice of sourdough or craving some tortillas, what you imagine says a lot about where you're from. But if bread is [...]

Armenian Flatbread: Lavash

Lavash is a soft, thin flatbread of Armenian origin, popular in the Caucasus, Iran, and Turkey. Lavash is made with flour, water, and salt. The thickness of the bread varies depending on how thin it was rolled out. Toasted sesame [...]

Our Armenia Trip & Lavash Bread Experience

In Yeghvard, a village outside of Yerevan, home bakers offered us a platter of cheese and herbs to eat with the fresh lavash they were making. The first lavash we ate after arriving in Yerevan came from the corner store [...]

Armenian National bread Lavash

You have probably heard about lavash, traditional Armenian bread, which is an important part of the Armenian table. Lavash is not just bread, it’s part of history and culture, and it has its own legend. A king named Aram that [...]

Armenian Lavash Bread About & Features

ARMENIAN LAVASH BREAD AND IT'S FEATURES Lavash is a soft and thin unleavened flatbread. It is made and eaten all over the Caucasus, Western Asia and the areas surrounding the Caspian Sea. In Armenia, this is the most widespread type [...]

Lavash Armenia

National cuisine is essential to form the national culture. It holds the history of the country and the people. Culinary traditions of Armenia originate from ancient times. The prominent features of Armenian cuisine were founded at least a thousand year [...]

Pita vs. Lavash

Main Difference The main difference between Pita and Lavash is that the Pita is a soft, slightly leavened flatbread baked from wheat flour and Lavash is a flatbread. Pita In many languages, the word 'pita' refers not to flatbread, but [...]

Lavash; The King Of The Armenian Breads

Probably one thing that Armenians wouldn’t forget when they sit at the table is bread. One thing that you will always notice in every Armenian table is a great amount of bread. Armenia is one of the oldest countries with [...]

CNN Travel – Armenian Lavash, 50 of the World’s Best Breads

CNN Travel - Armenian Lavash, 50 of the World's Best Breads (CNN) — What is bread? You likely don't have to think for long, and whether you're hungry for a slice of sourdough or craving some tortillas, what you imagine [...]


LAVASH Available Online Only by Breadmasters LAVASH Highest Quality Lavash in USA! ARA-Z Lavash Number One in U.S.A Breadmasters ARA-Z Inc, the premier lavash bread maker in United States. Our lavash flatbread is served all throughout U.S.A and at you [...]


SANGAK Highest Quality Sangak in U.S.A Number One Sangak in U.S.A At Breadmasters ARA-Z Inc, we proud ourselves on being the number one Sangak maker in the United States. The quality of the Sangak flatbread and the efficiency and quantity [...]